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Get user apdex value via API



Because Dynatrace doesn't offer the possibility to focus on the performance of specific regions in dashboarding tiles, we are trying to extract user experience data via API to make a custom dashboard externally. We are trying to extract the apdex value in the usersessions (or useractions, because it seems to be the only object which has it) via API, but we aren't having any luck. we are trying something like this just to see if we can see this data:

https://(tenant) * FROM usersession

Which i got from here:

is there something i'm doing wrong?

Thank you. Kind Regards.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Sorry, for the late replay. Yes you can use the Rest API to do things like:

select apdexCategory, count(*) FROM useraction where usersession.userType = 'REAL_USER' GROUP BY apdexCategory

You can navigate to the Explore Dynatrace API view and play around within the UI for tuning your statements. Please make sure to create first an access token.

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