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How can I plot purepaths in a custom chart?


In my application I'm recording a custom action named "my_action_name" using DTXAction.

During this recording I record a purepath value named "my_action_value".

I can successfully query for my custom action using the following query.


SELECT * from usersession where = "my_action_name"


If I click into that session, find my action and perform waterfall analysis on it I can see that "my_action_value" has successfully been recorded.


My question is: how can request my recorded value (my_action_value) in a user session query so that I can chart it?


Ideally I'd like to do something like the following:


SELECT AVG(my_action_value) from usersession where = "my_action_name"



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You have to add user action property based on Request attrbitue.

Regards, Sebastian

I can see the 'session and user action properties' for my web application.

For my mobile application there is no such option.

Is it possible to add user action properties for mobile?

You didn’t mentioned that you have mobile app. You will not be able to use this option. You can create multidimensional analysis in service that will show for example response time vs parameter value. Next year there will be option to create custom metrics based on those data. You will be able add them to dashboard then.

More info


Regards, Sebastian

Apologies for my omission and thankyou for the information

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