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How to delete a custom metric?


Hi All,

Please advise, how we can delete custom metric created?




Metrics seem to live for 5 years. I am not aware of any "Dynatrace" provided means of deleting metrics.

This post (And links in the post gives you more info, mainly on data retention)


Thanks/ Tibebe

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

If the metric was ingested using the V2 API (MINT) please check


Hi, Thanks for replying. The metric was created through Web UI. And, as it is was not created by API, so when tried deleting it through it, was unsuccessful. got 400 status

The reason for me to delete is because it's not serving the purpose anymore, and doesn't want it to consume DDU. Is there a way to disable it at least if not able to delete the UI created custom metrics? Please suggest.

What do you mean by "it was created using Web UI"? Is this a calculated metric? Created in the multidimensional analysis? These can be easily deleted in the Web UI for calculated service metrics, application metrics or user session custom metrics.

Billing is ingest-based, so a metric won't consume DDU if there is no new data written for the metric.

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I found it and had it deleted, thanks for your help.

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