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How to use natural language on the new timeframe selector?

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro


On the old timeframe selector, we would often use natural language terms like "yesterday", "previous 3 months" or "previous quarter".

Is this possible with the new timeframe approach?



Best regards, Pedro Deodato

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Not yet, but improvements to the selector are def on our list. 

Anything else you miss with the selector? 


Are there any other updates on when these relative timeframes will be added to Notebooks and other apps within the new UI? I'm specifically looking for "Today". In the mean time I'm able to use `from: bin(now(), 1d)+5h`

Travis Ottelien

Hi @travis_ottelien , thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you found a workaround that works for you. We aim for early summer to provide more relative timeframes in the timeframe selector component, especially "Today".

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Hey, @zietho ,


That's great to hear!


And actually, yes, there are some other things that I miss 🙂

Some of it might come as personal taste, but I'll express it anyway:

  • The arrows that move the timeframe back and forward, in the same step increments
  • After getting back the natural language expressions, the "Timeframe selector guide"
    • A lot of Clients use these expressions, but do not write them down from memory... having that handy guide was very appreciated (vs having to head down to the documentation page)
  • Recent timeframes used
    • VERY useful in the context of problem analysis
  • The "Relative timeframes" list is very short and insufficient...
    • Most of those old "Presets" were extensively used, each of which in a specific context
    • Can't say that I have NOT used any of those regularly, so I believe every single one is important and should be easily accessible in the next implementation
    • Furthermore, not only should I think that you should keep the current list, but I also think that adding a "-12h" preset would be great!!
  • When selecting a Date for a "Custom timeframe", one can not select directly the time as well
    • You need to select the date on the calendar, and then edit the "00:00:00" that is placed automatically on the text box...
    • A "Time" text input box on the calendar popup would be nice!
  • Before, one would select the "From" and "To" from a single "calendar" view... now, you have separate calendars. Double the clicks, double the trouble 🙂
    • This is also valid when it comes to the original post's natural language expressions... instead of writing down a complete "-1w to -2d" expression, one must break it down and write each sub-string on each field...
    • I think this is the more subjective one, and it doesn't strike me as shocking if you keep both fields (a lot of other tools also use two fields from timeframe selection).


Hope this helps!

If I recall any other improvement suggestion, I'll let you know here 🙂

Best regards, Pedro Deodato

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Yes, it helps a lot and already acknowledges some internal feedback! Thanks for your detailed feedback!

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