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Is it possible to add a threshold line in charting

While right now we don't have mechanism to do automatic alerting based on key-transaction and key-user action, is it possible to add at least a red-color-dotted line in custom chart?

This way, I can still at least ask NOC team or L1-support team to look at their TV screen and do ticket escalation manually, and eventually answer the client's ultimtate question of "we can do alerting based on business transaction in AppMon, I want to get something similar or analogous to that in Dyna Managed"



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Why don't you subscribe a service method and set a threshold or adapt the baseline for that subscribed key request?

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

There is no way to add threshold lines to charts in dynatrace yet.

But automatic alerting based on key user action and key requests is possible. You can modify the baseline behavior or set static threholds for those.

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Wolfgang was a minute faster 🙂 The same is possible for key user actions and should do what you want.

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I have this same question. It makes sense to add this feature to the custom charting. This way while we look at the dashboards we would come to know if anything is crossing the thresholds. Plus one more point to make this request a requirement is the X & Y axes of the charts are not static, it is dynamic. Hence when we have a lot to monitor on a dashboard it becomes too hard to identify if the spike is really a spike or a normal transaction within the threshold. This becomes clear only when we look at the chart closely to understand what is the x/y axes of the chart pointing at.

Alerts come under the problem tile and if there is a very sensitive application where there will be constant alerting, this gets missed out or it becomes over alerting.

Please, this is a very needed requirement. Please do not ignore this feature request and provide workarounds. Kindly consider this. I hope you understand the concern.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

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