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Is there anyway to create a tile that reports the keys and values of a custom JSON payload sent to Dynatrace?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Conner, Using Parameter Capture, you can capture (on a per purepath basis) parameters that are passed as part of an incoming request.

More details in the help page:

As for 'creating a tile', this probably doesn't make sense as tiles are generally aggregated views of data and parameter capture is generally unique to each transaction so I don't know how one would visualize or even use this type of transactional data in a tile.


I assume you want to send custom key value pairs to dynatrace directly and then visualize this data in a tile?

You could use the Custom Metric API for that.


Hey, thanks for your answers. I was looking at the Custom Metric API yesterday. I am a tad confused about the TimeseriesRegistrationMessage object. The values I want to send will be static and have no relation to time what so ever (It's just some versioning information from the build server)

So for this case what would the unit I need to use be? Count seems to require a timestamp.

If you want to push static information from a build of reploy, the Event API is the better choice.

You can push an event to the relevant entities inclusing things like build number or commit ID.