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Looping through an API query result


I have a specific use case, but I think the answer can be more generic. I would like to get a list of extensions and return them in a table, the problem is I get an 'Extension crashed' error when just trying to query the api:

import { extensions_2_0Client } from "@dynatrace-sdk/client-classic-environment-v2";

export default async function() {

  const data = await extensions_2_0Client.listExtensions();
  return "test";

This is the example code from the documentation: Classic Environment V2 | Dynatrace Developer

I can't even move forward from here, I was expecting that I would get a list of extensions that I can loop through.



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper



I see you said that you are getting an "extension crashed" error.


Did you make sure that you had the correct permissions from the following list?


Required scope: environment-api:extensions:read Required permission: environment:roles:manage-settings



That is definitely the initial problem as I was able to capture the error, but I have added them to one of my group policies and it is still happening, so presumably I have not done that correctly.

I have double checked my effective permissions and I have both of the required scope and permissions, so now I'm stuck.

I verified everything was setup correctly, and contacted support. They had the same issue with the 'listExtensions' call that I did so they are escalating to the product team.

I was able to do what I wanted using the Problems API, so I have working code now, just not with the API I want.

I will report back here when there is a solution.

There was a new release of the Dashboard app (did you even know that the Dashboard app had a version? Me either) that has fixed the problem. You need v1.9.1 of the dashboard app for it to work

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