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Packaging the Dynatrace dashboard and upload to Dynatrace SaaS

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I have implemented some dashboards in Dynatrace and exported them to my local folder. For every new environment should I have uploaded the dashboard one by one in the SaaS version? Is there any way to package the dashboard and upload the package in the SaaS version?



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

use monaco to do this Monaco Documentation | Monaco (

Monaco can be used to backup a Dynatrace environment/dashboards and used to restore to another environment.  Very helpful.  


What is Monaco?

Monaco is a CLI tool that automates the deployment of Dynatrace Monitoring Configuration to one or multiple Dynatrace environments.

Why Monaco?

Monaco’s self-service model enables development teams to set up monitoring and observability quickly and efficiently, even for large-scale applications. It eliminates the need for building custom monitoring solutions and reduces the manual work for monitoring teams.

The Monitoring as Code (Monaco) approach enables you to manage your Dynatrace environment monitoring tasks through configuration files instead of a graphical user interface. Configuration files allow you to create, update, and manage your monitoring configurations safely, consistently, and repetitively. They can be reused, versioned, and shared within your team.

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