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Problem with dashboards


Good afternoon community

I have a problem, I have a global dashboard from which I have several markdowns which are links and refer to other dashboards on specific applications, the problem is that if I add a new markdown in one of the specific dashboards it is reflected in all of them. more dashboard, the same thing happens if I edit a markdown in one of the specific dashboards, the change is reflected in all the dashboards, I don't know how I can prevent that from happening


Best regard


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Can you show some screenshots or more details? I am not sure if I can understand you correctly.

Best regards

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@DavidMtz If you Make a change to your dashboard, be it an edit to a markdown, a new markdown or even a new set of tiles, that change will be reflected when you conclude your editing. That Dashboard in which you just edited will then reflect your edits for all who have access to it. However, If someone cloned your dashboard prior to your changes, those changes you applied will not be present on the dashboard that was cloned. 

As @AntonPineiro mentioned, concern you presented might not be understood correctly, but if you have screen shots you can provide that would greatly help us in helping you 🙂 


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