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Request count fitered by host in the dashboard


Hi all,


we've 1 service running in 4 processes (each process in their own machine), how can I put in a Dashboard service associated metrics (like response time (avg), number of HTTP errors, etc...) splited by process o host?


We want one tile for each process, for exemple, for the response time:


  • Tile 1: Response time for service in machine 1
  • Tile 2: Response time for service in machine 2
  • ...


Regards, Josep Maria



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You will need to do this Via Tags. 


First create a tag Called Host Name:{DetectedHostName} then the auto Tag will provide you a dynamic value. DO this for Hosts, Processes and Services and make sure you allow them to trickle down. 


Once the tags are present then go to your custom charts - select your metric, then apply your filter:





I have found the configuration of the chart but it seems that it will not help me since, as the service runs on all 4 servers, I cannot filter only by one:


I can't filter by only one host, right? I need to show in the DB the service response time for each host....

Regards! Josep Maria

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

you should be able to filter one by one. Did you create the tag at the host level then, service level and then the process group level? You can also target the Host Group as well if they are unique to your host.




this is the TAG definition:



and each rule:

1.- Host


2.- Service


3.- Process Group



and with this isn't working:



Regards! Josep Maria

Thats correct. do the hosts have the same host group? Never the less you can also set up a Service Rename: 




That would give you the value of Host1 - Security Scan. You could even toss this up and set it as Security Scan on Host 1. Because the service name is identical I think its all grouping it into one. 



Just looking at our set up, we have the Service Rename and the Tag for Host Name. And since the Service name is different across the hosts, the tag is a 1 to 1 ratio. 


For Example you have 3 Hosts, all running Security Scan. Just as you have the tag set up, all 3 hosts have the same Service and service name of Security Scan running so its all lumped into one. 


If we edit the service names by the Service Name Rules, you can make them unique by adding in a Host Name. So now the Service Name Becomes:

Host1 - Security Scan

Host2 - Security Scan

Host3 - Security Scan


But since the names are different, the tag of Host Name will only be that singular host. 


Hi Chad,


yes, this will work but we loose the "service aggregated view". I try to explain:


We have one unique service running in all 4 hosts, so, with this we have an aggregated view for the service and this is really useful for us:



So, without loosing the aggregated view, in several scenarios we need to "split" metrics by host and put the splitted value in our DB, like in multidimensional analysis:






Renaming the service implies loosing the aggregated view, right?


Regards and thanks for your time!!!

you are exactly right, even at a process group level:



 The item in the Red box are the unique identifiers for the two processes/services on the 2 hosts, for a total of 4 individual items. This would also affect the Service groupings as such, But I wonder if you can merge them into eachother, while still retaining the unique names... Maybe Dynatrace Reps can shed some light on that or even test it in their demo environments. 




This would then allow you to add the groupings back together while still being unique:



Notice how we have 6 custom names but we are adding them as a merged service, but they still retain their custom name 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If that still isn't working in your set up, you can always rename your services via the Dynatrace settings. Much like tags you can set Dynamic Values. so  Service name:{DetectedHostName} - {ServiceName} then the result will look like: Host1 - Security Scan. This will then allow you to filter out by service name and it will be clear as to the host each is part of. 


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @jcamps 

You can utilize MDA with splitting by {Service:Instance} for this



But since you still can not create a metric for this the only way we have found for show it on dashboard was to create links to the MDAs :facepalm:


There is an old RFE in New status for creating a metric split by instance :hands_in_air:





dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace master partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel

Hi @Yosi_Neuman @ChadTurner ,


we will have to wait for the RFE to be implemented 😞


Thanks to both for the answers!



I do find it very disappointing that still the ability to show a Service split By {Service:Instance} is still not available in the Data Explorer or as a Calculated Metric. To me this is basic monitoring fundamentals. It was available and heavily used in AppMon but yet we're still waiting for this in OneAgent despite the RFEs.

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