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Restrict users to only view several Dasbboards


Hi together,

Is there any way to provide access to certain users and they can only can view the Dashboard?
They should not be able to modify the dashboard.
They should not be able to create a new dashboard.
They should not be able to see the data behind the dashboard portlets (Step in).




There is no such option, users needs access to dynatrace environment as well. If they have access, and those dashboard are shared / public available than they will see them, but they will have access to Dynatrace as well. What you can do is sharing dashboard without loggin in: -> you can configure there sharing option for public access. But be aware that such shared dashboard will have fixed timeframe as well (for example last 7 days) which is default for this dashboard.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Alex,

This is possible via link sharing.

You can generate a link that points to the dashboard and does not require Dynatrace access (user account) to view the dashboard. Just select the "anyone can access this link" option when sharing the dashboard.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Management Zone and Timeframe stay fixed to whatever the dashboard has been saved with
  • Each dashboard can only be accessed by its own individual link (there's no interface to browse)

Best regards,



Thank you very much for your answers even that is not possible to configure it for our usecase.