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Show Dashboard on TV Screen


I would like to set up a TV screen with a Dt SaaS dashboard on a TV screen connected to a computer that no one has access to. The problem is getting the dashboard to autoload after a computer restart. Is there some way I can 'log in' to the dashboards without having to have someone log in manually? The 'Remember Me' checkbox looks like it just remembers my user, but does not auto-log in.



Not sure about SaaS, with managed I've been able to write a simple static HTML page, that invokes javascript doing HTTP POST with credentials data and target dashboard ID. But login screen for Dynatrace Manage is different.

For SaaS - until someone comes with an official solution, I'd suggest writing a simple Selenium script (in the preferred language of your choice) that will handle the login screen. This will definitely work for you, until Dynatrace introduces and enforces captcha or 2FA.

Any chance you can share that static HTML page?

Sure, here you go:

Keep in mind it's for Dynatrace Managed, this will not work for Dynatrace SaaS.


Here you have a quick & dirty script for Dynatrace SaaS autologin using python and selenium:

Update it according to your environment (selenium driver, url, username, ...)

Awesome - thank you Julius!