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Show metric from Appmon as count instead of ms



I have configured the integration of Appmon and Dynatrace, and exported sucessfully some metrics from Appmon. One of the metrics is displayed in Appmon as Count and as purepath time. However, is critical for me to display this metric in Dynatrace as Count only (I am counting the logins).

From my tests, I can show in dynatrace the metric but in ms (purepath time), but cannot show it as Count.

Is that possible? Is there anything I can reconfigure in Appmon to achieve this?

Kind regards,

Antonio V.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Antonio,

We had this same concern come up as well. The 'built-in' count is not able to be shown in Dynatrace, whereas the PurePath response time is. The workaround we have is to add a new result calculation to the PurePath business transaction (BT) (could also be other type of BT).

For example, you may have a PurePath filtered to a URI of /login. In the BT configuration of AppMon, you see three sections for Filtering, Result calculation, and Splitting results. It's in the middle section for Result Calculation that you could add a count of the number of web requests. In effect, one call to /login = 1 web request = 1 increment of the count. You then need to include this result in the measures export to Dynatrace.

Once you have that exporting out, bring up a custom chart in Dynatrace and find the metric name for the count. I'd recommend using the SUM aggregation for the charting.

Hope this helps.


Andrew M.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your answer.

FYI, I opened a support case for Dynatrace, and they answered me this:

"Ok, just got the confirmation here. This is not yet working the way you expect.

This is on the roadmap, and I cannot tell the date when it will be fixed.
The fix will be done on Dynatrace (not AppMon) side.
Most probably this will be part of sprint 151 (so if I was to be a fortune teller here, I would expect this to be available in ~2 months, but I cannot tell that for sure, as some things may delay that)."

So expect a future enhancement from Dynatrace tool to be able to do this more easily.

Kind regards,

Antonio V.

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