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Tile with "most active application"



We have a set of websites where RUM is enabled. We've set up a dashboard with a tile showing the apdex of the most active application. However, and despite the fact that there are several of these applications with a higher number of user actions (as you can see in the screenshot), it always shows us the same one. In the example below, we would expect to see the apdex of ****-ru ..

And thus, the question: does anyone know what the exact meaning of "mot active application" is?




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The most active application is based on the user actions / minute for the selected global time frame. At least in your screenshot the "***-hu" application has more actions / minute than the "***-ru" application.

@Alexander S.: thanks for your reply; exactly, the topmost application in this timeframe is ****-ru, still the one shown in the tile is ***-fi. Any idea why??

In this view we currently apply a static time frame of 72h and don't respect the global time frame. We know of that shortcoming and will address it with our new workflow for adding tiles, which is already in development.

@Roman W.: thanks, that could explain why this is happening, although the wrong application was shown in the tile for many days. I'll check with support again.

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