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To get metrics of Kafka topics


Hi, I am using Confluent Kafka and how to get Kafka Topic metrics like:

Partition count per topic , Replication factor per topic and Topics per cluster.   

Please guide me how to get these metrics in new Dynatrace dashboard (non classic dashboard)



There is an extension for Confluent Cloud (Kafka) in the Hub that will bring in metrics from Confluent. You'll get the metrics, alerts, entity relationships, and a lot more. We use it and have been mostly happy with it. The dashboards you get with the extension are classic dashboards, but I imagine you could make it work in New Dashboards.

Also, it requires a separate unsupported component to get the consumer lag metrics, which has been a bit frustrating when seeking support.

Confluent Cloud (Kafka) dashboard doesn't have any topic related metrics. That's why planning to build and use new dashboard.

Can we implement alert mechanism with new dashboard (non classic dashboard) metrics or not?

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