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Understanding the difference between conversion goals/Rates and what are completions


Could someone explain the difference between conversion goals, Conversion rates how they are calculated and how they are reported on by the "Goals" Dashboard tiles. I've got the goals dashboard tiles set up reporting on these but the completions count is really confusing me, what is the completion?

I have a dashboard tile report a conversion rate and x amount of completions but when I delve deeper into the conversion for the application I get a similar conversion rate but then a different amount of completions? Why are the completions count different? The images below show the different in numbers and both are taken over the "last 6 hours" time frame.

Also if there is an easier way to report on/set up conversion goals it would help. The goal is to see how many people are hitting specific pages in a new website that we have set up and are campaigning for so page hits want to be reported on.





Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Rodney,

A conversion goal is something you want a customer or user to do who visits your site. An example of this would be reaching the checkout URL for a retail site.
The conversion rate is what percentage of customers/users are accomplishing the action you set up to be your conversion goal.
The completion count should be the number of customers/users that complete the conversion goal.
There is some reading on conversion goals in the below link:



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