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Users "Apdex" in the Honeycomb


I'm currently creating a dashboard that aims to show at a glance an application status.

I'm using the honeycomb visualization to display Services, Database, and the VMs health and I think they are perfect for the job:


I would like to keep using this approach, adding another honeycomb to display all the application users seen in the selected time frame using the frustrating action percentage as a dimension (as shown here using a table: ); I should be able to see if any users are facing some issues.

Moreover, the honeycomb will allow us to immediately get visual feedback on the error "blast radius". I've tried lots of ways to get it done but it seems to me the is not possible to do it using the out-of-the-box metrics. 

Any ideas or other ways of doing this?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

This is currently not possible since the concept of users does not exist in metrics. Only the counts etc. So a honeycomb visualizing single users and their data doesn't work. 

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