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Using Dynamic Filters in Problems Widget in Dashboards


Hi all,

I have this use case:

  • Imagine various rooms with devices (custom devices)
  • When a device fails i will send a custom alert via API.
  • The problem will be created and automatically associate with the custom device
  • Create a dashboard for each room with graphics and the widget problem 
  • I have filters to differentiate the custom devices by a tag called room.code

Im finishing the use case but found a huge problem 😞 .... 

I have created only 1 dashboard and to differentiate the rooms Im using the Dynamic filters on dashboards.
I discovered now that I can't filter the widget Problems using the automatic filter of dashboards.

So, my question is: it is possible to use the a filters in dashboard to filter the widget Problem? and if it's possible how?
I dont want to create a dashboard for each room (i have a lot rooms and will not be pretty to have +300 dashboards for rooms 😭)
Thanks all 😊


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

While the dashboard filter does not work for the problems tile, you could however create a single tile for each room. Still doesn't help with your issue of making 300 items, granted its 300 tiles now and not 300 dashboards. 


the other option is to convert those rooms into a set of MZs, still looking at a large number of MZs now but it would allow users to have a single dashboard that's configurable.


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