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Want to capture backend calls trend from dynatrace managed RUM


Looking for an option to track the response time of specific backend calls which is contributing high response time over period.

This is completely related to RUM and I couldn't see any option to build dashboard based on specific calls.


Suraj Gupta


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If you want track response time of particular user action and related backend request you have to mark them as key user action and key request. In such case you should be able to add them to regular dashboard. (As well using special dedicated tile and custom chart)

Best way t track backend response time is multidimensional analysis in front end service. There you can make detailed performance overview of your interest. For now there is no option to add metrics from this point to dashboard. There is rap that will allow you define custom metrics based on calculation made in multidimensional analysis. Then it will be possible to add it to dashboard.


Regards, Sebastian

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