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We have a dashboard Key User Actions if i can get response time of Key Actions through API ?


We have a dashboard Key User Actions if i can get response time of Key Actions through API ?



Yer you can via the timeseries API.

You can find the relevant metrics under real user monitoring. For key user actions look for appmethod in the timeseries ID.


Hi Patrick.

Where can I see timeseries ID of key user action ?


As mentioned above, look for appmethod. That is the name for key user actions in the time series IDs. So for example:

  • Appdex of key user action: com.dynatrace.builtin:appmethod.apdex
  • Visually Complete: com.dynatrace.builtin:appmethod.visuallycomplete

Per default all key user actions are returned. You can filter for specific actions with the entity parameter.


Do you know what it means?

filterMetric type. Allowed values are BUILTIN, PLUGIN, and CUSTOM.

You can skip that filter, key user actions are a BUILTIN metric.


i need API call for Key User action which is in dashboard. could you send me such example

You need to be more specific on what exact metrics you want regarding the key user actions, or add a screenshot of the dashboard you are talking about.

There are multiple metrics for key user actions you can querry form the API, and you can get them either for key user actions in general or for a specific key user action.

Here is a curl example, if you want the Visually Complete data points for all key user actions over the last hour:

curl -X GET "https://{yourTenant}{yourTenant}/api/v1/timeseries/com.dynatrace.builtin%3Aappmethod.visuallycomplete?includeData=true&aggregationType=MEDIAN&relativeTime=hour&queryMode=SERIES&Api-Token={yourAPIToken}" -H  "accept: application/json; charset=utf-8"


Hi Patrick, Thanks for your response,





&Api-Token={yourAPIToken}" -H "accept: application/json; charset=utf-8"

Can you emphasize where I put the name of the user's key action or the name of the dashboard ?

You can't filter for a dashboard.

If you want a specific key user action you need to use the entity parameter as mentioned above. You can find the entity id for your key user actions either via the query for all key user actions or in the URL of the key user action dashboard. It starts with APPLICATION_METHOD- followed by some numbers.


I have problem with APPLICATION_METHOD ID.

i have "Key user action" ;uemapplicationId=APPLICATION-XXXXXXF27D43EB;

and other "Key user action" ;uemuserActionId=APPLICATION_METHOD-XXXXXXAD91284AC5;

I'm sending requests

first rquest


and other request


I get the same response in different "entity"