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What is "Event" on Purepath screen ?

I do not understand what "Event" is on Purepath screen.
Could anyone please give me an example and tell me?

Thank you for your support.


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @Hiroshi K.,

Below you can find an example of the "event" in the Purepath screen from our EasyTravel demo:

If you click on it, you will see this screen:

As you can see, the service type is "Queue listener service" and the event is "consume from request_queue". All of this is connected to the Message queue and asynchronous communications protocols. You can read about event in them here:

"Many of the more widely known communications protocols in use operate synchronously. The HTTP protocol – used in the World Wide Web and in web services – offers an obvious example where a user sends a request for a web page and then waits for a reply.

However, scenarios exist in which synchronous behaviour is not appropriate. For example, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) can be used to asynchronously send text, JSON or XML messages to update part of a web page with more relevant information. Google uses this approach for their Google Suggest, a search feature which sends the user's partially typed queries to Google's servers and returns a list of possible full queries the user might be interested in the process of typing. This list is asynchronously updated as the user types.

Other asynchronous examples exist in event notification systems and publish/subscribe systems.

  • An application may need to notify another that an event has occurred, but does not need to wait for a response.
  • In publish/subscribe systems, an application "publishes" information for any number of clients to read.

In both of the above examples it would not make sense for the sender of the information to have to wait if, for example, one of the recipients had crashed."

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Great answer, very well detailed!

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