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X-Dynatrace header in Kafka


Based on my understanding, Dynatrace includes an X-Dynatrace Header in the format: FW4;-1042266361;6;1575832510;12;2;736415270;584;9420;2h01;3h5ded4bbe;4h0c;5h01;6h806a927b7e92492a0a04e33eb6a2e21e;7hba498fecda79dd3f in an HTTP Request. An API call in my service includes the X-Dynatrace header as part of the request headers (added by Dynatrace) and subsequently sends a Kafka event to a topic, which is then consumed by a consumer. The consumer further processes it and sends a response to a listener. Throughout this entire flow, the headers remain intact. However, I've encountered difficulty in mapping the X-Dynatrace header to a string on the consumer side, resulting in an unreadable format. Additionally, discussions in the thread  on the Dynatrace Community suggest that there is no way to decode this X-Dynatrace header and the header may get lost, leading to breaks in the trace chain. Given this situation, is there any means to access logs pertaining to Kafka-based communication?


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