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creating charts


Hi everyone, I'm wanting to get the same information that this query brings to me but with Dynatrace.

But there is one problem, we cannot use the part of "User sessions (usql)", is there any way to do it as similar as possible, and the result put it on a dashboard? I tried it in many different ways and I can't reach the result that I'm expecting. Let me show you what I tried

1.- Select the service that is called by the web requests in "transactions and services" -> "multidimensional analysis" and when I tried to filter the two endpoints that I want to count is restricted by just one endpoint per chart, so I failed.

2.- Select the service that is called by the web requests in "transactions and services" -> "view dynamic requests" and here I can filter by many endpoints and I can filter by http response code too, but when I tried to pin the chart that I created to a dashboard it only keeps the first request that I filter and the http response code it disappears too, so I failed too.

3.- And finally... I tried this "create custom chart" -> "services" -> "key requests count", here I can filter many key request and count the number of times that the endpoints are being called, but I can't make a filter to put only the endpoints that reply with http response code 200,201

With your experience, what would you do to replicate that query without using "User session module"?


Thanks a lot!!


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I'd take a look at the calculated service metrics, that will let you define a new metric that can be filtered down like that. Then you can use that in charts and dashboards.

This will be in under the services section of the main settings menu "calculated service metrics"

They consume custom metrics from the license, but you get a certain amount included so I'd take a look at this. You can also create these metrics from the multi-dimensional analysis tool underneath Diagnostic tools.

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