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custom and dynamic timeframe data explorer

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I want to configure a tile with data explorer and set a comparison metric between 1 week ago and the week preceding it dynamically (without setting a custom timeframe manually).

I found that i could insert a timeshift in the advanced mode of data explorer, but if i set 1w or 2w, it takes all the values from now to 1 or 2 weeks a go. And what i want to produce is an interval from 2w ago to 1w ago, and then from 1 week ago to now to have a comparison between the two following weeks.

Is it possible with something like timeshift(2w to 1w)  or is there no way to do it ?




Hi @Sonia_A ,
This can be done with DQL. You can convert your query to DQL using notebooks. Please refer to this article.
Re: Easily convert Data explorer queries to dql for Dashboards, Notebooks and other apps - Dynatrace...

Then for the timeframe conversion you can use something like this in your DQL which gives you data for the timeframe you requested.

timeseries sum(, by:{dt.source_entity.type, dt.source_entity, dt.entity.aws_application_load_balancer,, aws.region, aws.credentials,, metric.key, dt.system.bucket},interval:1h, from: bin(now()-14d, 1d) , to: bin(now()-7d, 1d)
| fieldsAdd = entityName(dt.entity.aws_application_load_balancer)
| limit 20

Here the part interval:1h, from: bin(now()-14d, 1d) , to: bin(now()-7d, 1d) is the timeframe selector which gives you data of last week. We wrap the time interval in "bin" to round it off to the start of the day.

Hope this helps.


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