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is there a way for Admin to view every dashboard created by every user


is there a way for admins to access to access every dashboard created by every user or access dashboard with out asking them to share.. we usually got these requests like something not working in our dashboards, so we have to ask them to share everytime


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


did you think about using the API for managing dashboards?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

As Thorsten said, there is option using api, where you can list all created dashboards, using GUI there is no such option so far.


Regards, Sebastian

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

The only method I know about is through the API. I think however full blown Dynatrace administrators should have this ability right from the GUI.


Hi Ainash

my best practice as follow:

as admin i will export via Configuration API interface list of all dashboard create by user or i ask dashboard id.

i find the user/dashboard to check and i will import (becoming owner) .. remouve owner id and dashboard id from script (done ..i've it and i can check it and give back support without asking to share) .

Configuration API --> Dashboard --> /dashboardsCreates


Real Admin need is to "see from interface user dashboard to support user and take over it when needed" to manage grant on it and/or fix.

my use case:

UAT and Production

- i have to export / import every time to allign environment

- 80% of my user are external consultant and go away after projects

- so i've to "take over" dashboard loosing every time list of users that have access to it .. after export insert again (if i'm lucky and i know how they are) this .. until you will release ldap group management.

I hope you will release asap as request from all cluster admin in this forum:

- an easy "see all user tenant dashboard" like you have as Dynatrace support ... with the power to see and takeover dashboard to support users.

- Ldap group management and tagging for manage dashboard "folder" via Tag like in other section of the tool.

For Enterprice company with large number of users manage via api dashboard is a challenge and "time consuming"

will be appreciated by all admin that opened several RFE on this topic

note: import did not work always well .. i just open a case to support team 🙂



Community Team
Community Team


You can check out our Dashboards API, where you can list all dashboards of your Dynatrace environment, regardless of access rights in the UI:
Dashboards API - GET all dashboards 

Also, you can check out the documentation article on sharing dashboards:
Share Dynatrace dashboards 
where are instructions on how to configure global dashboard sharing settings. 

Hope that helps!

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