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Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

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Welcome to the edition #12 of this developer's newsletter that includes essential updates to fuel your development journey. We’ve got you covered with the latest releases, valuable learning resources, and noteworthy news.


What can you expect to see in this post:



🔊 News and events


Engage and elevate 💬


On June 15, we’ll hold our regular Dynatrace Office Hours: App development. As always, we’re happy to host you and look forward to answering the questions you face when developing Dynatrace apps. We'll also give you the latest updates and releases.



Office hours playlist 🎥


Want to join one of our office hours but can't find the time?

Don't worry, we record our sessions, you can watch them on YouTube▶️


📚 Useful resources


Dynatrace Apps – Visual Studio Code extension 👩‍💻


Are you using Visual Studio Code to develop Dynatrace Apps? Then, you need to install the Dynatrace Apps extension. In a new blog post, Stefan Wasserbauer shares information about the new Visual Code Extension and how it can turbocharge your app development.


As a developer, you have a lot of recurring tasks to do: starting the development server, creating App functions, query data stored in Grail, manage app configurations, build and deploy apps … Does that sound familiar?

– Stefan Wasserbauer.


Read the blog "Turbocharge your Dynatrace App development with the new Visual Studio Code Extension Dynatrace Apps... to learn more. Or, if you're a more visual learner, visit our Inside Dynatrace Apps YouTube playlist, where Penny, Dynatrace Developer Advocate, interviews Stefan Wasserbauer.


If you're new to app development with Dynatrace, this is a must-watch! And don't forget to save our Inside Dynatrace Apps playlist.




















💡 Release highlights for app developers


Metrics on Grail


For app developers using metrics within their apps, you’ll be happy to hear that Metrics on Grail is now in General availability. Metrics on Grail uses DQL to query metrics with the timeseries DQL command, allowing you to use metrics in conjunction with all the data in Grail, including logs and entities. You can see details in the SaaS 1.292 release notes.


Design System


Strato Components


Catch up with the latest improvements to the design system: The changes up until the current version 0.112.24 are available in the annotated release notes.


Dynatrace App Toolkit


Catch up with the latest improvements to the App Toolkit: The changes up until the current version 0.118.0 are available in the annotated release notes.