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Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

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And welcome to the #4 edition of your developer's newsletter. This is where you'll find all the highlights of our favorite new releases to keep you updated alongside monthly news and announcements.


What can you expect to see in this post: 



📣 Announcements and events


We’re proceeding with our Dynatrace App office hours event series on October 17. This office hours session is available for any developer with a question regarding app development. In this session, you can expect news, learn more about Dynatrace Apps, and get your burning answers to your questions.

To attend, you'll need to register for the event; visit the Community Events page


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🆕 Release highlights for App developers


Davis® AI SDK [1.0]


This SDK allows you to interact with Davis® predictive and causal AI for customized AI/ML analysis. To find out more about the SDK reference, visit our reference section for Davis® predictive and causal AI in the Dynatrace Developer documentation. If you’re new to the service, visit Davis® AI to learn more.


Hub SDK [1.1]


With the new Hub SDK you can access all information from the Hub catalog, such as apps, extensions and technologies.


EdgeConnect SDK [1.0]


Together with releasing the EdgeConnect we have also published an SDK for accessing the EdgeConnect API. The documentation can be found on Dynatrace Developer.


Design System [0.103]


Enabled Timeseries, Pie, Donut & CategoricalBar charts to show a loading indicator by setting the isLoading prop.


loading indicator.gif


CodeSandbox links for Design System components

With the most recent updates of Dynatrace Developer we have added to every design system component example CodeSandbox links. You can customize the look & feel of the components even before making use within your Dynatrace app.


Design System [0.104]


  • Now you can further customize the MeterBarChart component with your custom configuration.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: FormatterOptions support for the SingleValue formatter prop got removed. Instead you can use the newly introduced formatter prop.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: ReactNode support for the SingleValue label prop got removed.


Document SDK [1.4]


Pagination was improved by adding offset-based pagination ( parameter).



📖 Useful resources



🛠️ Build an app in 5 mins via our Quick Start video

👀 Take a deep dive and follow our beginners tutorial

📚 Read our documentation on Dynatrace Developer