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Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

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Welcome to the #5 edition of your developer's newsletter. This is where you'll find all the highlights of our favorite new releases to keep you updated, alongside monthly news and announcements.


What can you expect to see in this post: 

📣 Announcements and events


Join our office hours 

Our next office hours will be on November 13. Drop in and find out about updates and news, learn more about Dynatrace Apps, and ask questions that come up when developing apps. We're happy to host you, whether actively participating or silently listening in! 

To attend, you'll need to register for the event; visit the Community Events page. 


Do a (live) DQL deep dive 

What to do on a rainy afternoon when your favorite streaming service is down? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry: Learn some DQL ins and outs with Indermohan Singh and Sinisa Zubic with the all-new Learning Dynatrace Query Language playlist we’ve started publishing on YouTube. 

If that still doesn’t satisfy your thirst for information and you want to immerse yourself even further, why not join one of the upcoming monthly DQL Dev Hours? The next opportunity is on November 8. Contribute by asking questions or simply listen in on expert advice and leave all the wiser. 


Start monitoring your app

We’ve just released Dynatrace app monitoring. Real User Monitoring (RUM) for deeper insights into users’ behavior and extended log capabilities for app functions are now available. These additions give you more robust troubleshooting tools for your Dynatrace app. It’s easy to start: Follow our straightforward setup guide at Dynatrace Developer. 


Check out the Tech Radar 

And we’ve got another helpful resource for you: If you’ve ever felt lost with the latest technologies, tools, and best practices, why not inspect our new Dynatrace Tech Radar? This visual summary of trends within the Dynatrace AppEngine community will now support you in making informed decisions. 


🆕 Release highlights for app developers


We've summarized the most important releases so you can see changes at a glance.

Design System

Strato Components


The new Chip component makes it easier to display compacted information.  


Formatter support and tooltips are available now for the MeterBarChart and MultiMeterBarChart components. 




The DataTable component now supports custom cell rendering, and developers have complete control over cell styling. Wrapping the response in <DataTable.Cell> will continue to apply the default styling with a predefined margin. 

Tread carefully; we’ve introduced breaking changes to align prop names with this release. We’ve covered changes with automatic migrations via npx dt-app update. 


We’ve added a new HistogramChart to help you visualize the distribution of numeric values. 


DataTable now offers selected row actions, where you can simultaneously perform actions on one or more rows. 



You can now group and let users hide and show information with the accordion component. 


Visualizing column data as MeterBarCharts is easy now that DataTable features built-in support for it. 


If you're looking for the SelectV2 component, we've moved it to the preview package. 


Strato Icons

You can find newly added icons in the icon library, and the latest changes are available in the change log. 


Dynatrace SDK

State 1.2
If your state should only be valid for a limited time, you can now use the validUntilTime property.



The Units package now exposes the minimumFractionDigits option and provides several new units, for example, meter_per_second_squared (acceleration) or joule (energy). 

A heads-up from our side: this release introduced two breaking changes by renaming two units: ConvertableUnit to ConvertibleUnit and FormatableUnit to FormattableUnit.


DQL Query 1.5

In this latest update, we’ve changed the title of the package to DQL Query from Storage – Query Service.


React Hooks

Query will now automatically get polled even when no requestTimeoutMilliseconds has been set. This change should avoid empty results for successful queries. 

Integrating Davis analyzers from your app has become easy with the new useAnalyzer hook. 


📖 Useful resources



🛠️ Build an app in 5 mins via our Quick Start video

📚 Read our documentation in Dynatrace Developer



Need Encouragement? 

In her blog post Start strong: Words of wisdom for creating Dynatrace Apps, Developer Advocate Penny Scully not only provides an excellent overview of what AppEngine can do for you. She also shares encouraging words to keep you going when things get confusing and concrete advice on how to get answers to your questions.