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Dynatrace Helper

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It’s the beginning of a new month, and this is the #8 edition of your developer's newsletter. We'll update you on release highlights, developer resources, and the latest news. Join us for another read!


What can you expect to see in this post:


📣 Announcements and events

Join our next office hours

After a great start to the new year on January 16, with a 2023 recap and a 2024 outlook provided by Penny Scully and Eduardo Campver Garcia, the new edition of our Dynatrace office hours for app development will happen on February 13. Our developer advocates will guide you through the latest news and Q&A. Whether you’re a newbie, apprentice, or enthusiast—your questions and input are welcome. If you just want to listen in, we’re also happy to host you.


Furthermore, the next Dynatrace office hours: Configuring Grail and managing data access are upcoming on February 29. Join our Grail and DQL experts as they discuss and answer questions about Grail foundations, permissions management, and data access management. You can check the registration page for more in-depth information on the agenda.


Custom app sessions at Perform

Our developer advocates went to Perform! The Dynatrace Cloud Innovation Conference took place in Las Vegas last week. Together with our customers, developer advocate Penny Scully embarked on a journey to build an app that allows users to identify fraudulent trades.

In four HoT (hands-on training) sessions, the team taught the audience all the basics of developing Dynatrace Apps. Topics included getting data into your app using our DQL React hook, designing a UX-friendly app using Strato design components, and bringing third party data into your app with app functions.

“It was a great experience to pass on my knowledge of app development and to see our attendees eyes light up when they learned what they could do inside an app.”

—Developer Advocate Penny Scully

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If you didn't have time for all the offerings at Perform or couldn't go, you can also watch two related breakout sessions on demand. Find out how to build your own Dynatrace app in 10 minutes or less, or check out how Dynatrace can give you enterprise-grade extensibility with apps.

App highlight: Security Investigator

For a sneak peek at the Dynatrace Security Investigator app with principal product manager Tiit Hallas, check out Andreas Granber’s LinkedIn post or YouTube video. Tiit gives insights into how and why the app can provide a fast security analysis. The planned release for this app is April 2024, so stay tuned if you’re interested in more details.


Introducing the new Strato release notes

Here is one more improvement coming with the new year: The release notes for the Strato design system is showing off its shiny new redesign! It now provides a structured overview of changes grouped by component and warnings for breaking or deprecating changes. From this issue onwards, you’ll find a direct link to this comprehensive changelog in the Release highlights for app developers section instead of a summary.


🆕 Release highlights for app developers

Design System

Strato Components

The latest releases for the design system cover versions 0.110 and 0.111 and are available on the redesigned release notes for the Strato design system.


📖 Useful resources

Learn to develop Dynatrace Apps

If you're new to building Dynatrace Apps or want to learn more, we’d like to call your attention to our new Inside Dynatrace Apps playlist. In the first video, our developer advocates share 4 tips for developing your Dynatrace app with you that you might not have known before.

Furthermore, developer advocates Indermohan Singh and Sinisa Zubic teach you DQL basics in our Learning Dynatrace Query Language playlist, and the Learn DQL app on the Dynatrace platform complements this more theoretical input with hands-on experience.


Podcasts for developers

Our favorite developer-related podcasts that we’ve collected for you this month will give you insights into topics like React, TypeScript, and web development.

For various topics and developer interviews around React, check out The React Show by Thomas Hintz. If you’re just starting out, the episode Mechanics of React: A Beginner's Intro To React could be what you’re looking for. As a more experienced user, episodes like I Broke The Rules Of React might answer questions you didn’t know you had—or raise new ones!

If you’re looking for a resource more focussed on TypeScript, the TalkScript Podcast will deliver. You can listen to industry experts talking about their experiences and sharing their insights on JavaScript, React, TypeScript, and more.

While Kent C. Dodds' Epic React Podcast so far leans more toward developing a career in coding—a worthy investment of time in any case—there is an interesting episode on Techniques For Writing Maintainable Code for those of you who prefer hands-on input.

Do you listen to any podcasts regularly, and if so, are there any you’d like to recommend? Let us and your fellow developers know about it in the comments!