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Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

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Welcome to the #9 edition of your developer's newsletter. This is where you'll find all the highlights of our favorite new releases to keep you updated, alongside monthly news and announcements.


What can you expect to see in this post:


📣 Announcements and events

Office hours reminder

The next Dynatrace office hours for custom app development are upcoming on March 12.

If you're keen to learn more about the release highlights from this month's newsletter that include information on app settings and custom actions, ​@Sinisa Zubic and ​@Sarah Faustmann will be covering more about these topics in the next office hours, as well as our usual latest news and Q&A.

Whether you're a newbie, apprentice, or enthusiast—your questions and input are welcome. We're also happy to host you if you just want to listen in.


🎥 Dynatrace Apps: Why and when 

Fresh out of our content forge, we have a new episode of our Inside Dynatrace Apps series coming
straight from our annual Dynatrace Perform conference in Las Vegas. In this video, developer advocate Penny Scully interviews product manager Dirk Wallerstorfer to uncover when and why you want to create a Dynatrace app. If you're considering starting your app development journey, we recommend you watch this one! And don't forget to save our Inside Dynatrace Apps playlist.




🆕 Release highlights for app developers

Store App settings in your app

Within Dynatrace we are using Settings to store and control configurations. When building a custom app you have similar requirements: you might need to store credentials for an external system or configure the logging of your app.

You can use our "App settings service" to easily implement such settings including a built-in user interface. Take a look at the developer documentation and learn about the basics as well as how to store app settings.

Create custom actions for your workflows 

Dynatrace apps can have very different flavors. Besides standard scenarios such as offering a user interface or performing background operations, you can also extend the library of available actions in the Workflows action library. Think about integrating with one of your Line-of-Business applications or triggering a process in a third party system. No matter if your target system is running on-premises or in the cloud - Dynatrace has you covered.

Have a look at our newly added documentation with guides and in-depth explanations on how to create custom actions.

Save your app users time with keyboard shortcuts

Saving time and making life easier for your app users is vital. We've introduced 
keyboard shortcuts that you can implement in your app and display the available options to your app users. A guide for all keyboard shortcuts available and how to display them can be found in the Dynatrace Developer Documentation. 

Interested in learning more about this month's release highlights? Join our office hours this month, and we will give you a deeper insight these new updates!

Design System – Strato Components

This month, as a general effort to expose more control on various Strato components, there have been a few minor changes to the behavior of various design components; you can see the overview in the Design system release notes version 0.111.4.

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