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Dynatrace App Toolkit

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor
Hi! Does anyone know if it's possible that the dt-app server serves the generated production bundle instead of the dev bundle? I can build it with npx dt-app build --prod , however it doesn't seem that there is a possibility to serve it then 🤔
Starting a webserver doesn't do the trick because usually the dt-app / whatever does some magic, so some scripts / css files etc. cannot be found if I simply serve it with another server
But maybe it's also super easy and I don't see it :mild-panic:
My use-case is that I'd like to check the performance of my app, but in development mode React does some things that aren't necessary in production so this would negatively impact the analysis. Any idea how to achieve that?

Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Not yet possible but there is a workaround – Quick workaround: Deploy the app with a different id / in a different DT environment, so you can test the production build there.