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Get problemID from Davis Problem Trigger in workflow


What if the Trigger is event Trigger, for example Davis problem trigger. How do i get the problem ID that trigger this?



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @william_cher,

You can access the event payload and its attributes through {{ event() }} expression.

For example:

{{ event()[""] }}


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Hi @michal_zawislak ,


Thanks for your reply. How do I access this information in Javascript?

As im running a custom Javascript after the Trigger.

The "Run Javascript" action is a bit different as it's not allowed to use expressions there due to security concerns. Instead of expressions, you can use automation-utils SDK to get event payload and then navigate to the attribute using JavaScript syntax. 

import { execution } from '@dynatrace-sdk/automation-utils';

export default async function ({ execution_id }) {
  const exe = await execution(execution_id);
  const eventContext = exe.event();
  const eventId = eventContext['']

 I hope this will help.

Your AutomationEngine ally!

I was struggling with that as well...
Adding a Custom JS step to extract the impacted entity IDs from a problem to get entity NAMES so that a Teams notification is more meaningful...

But HOW (and where) can we find such internal code api documentation? I'm really struggling getting examples on what APIs exist....

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You can find examples and available SDKs/APIs in the documentation:

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