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API Rights on Managment Zones


I have read the following article today:

At the End of the Article there is the following statement: "We will soon enable you to create API tokens that are limited to a certain management zone and to allow the creation of management zones via the Dynatrace REST API. "

Is there a way to create API tokens just for a limited management zone? Applications in Dynatrace Managed at our Site are separated with Management Zones. Now, want to give Peaple who works for this Application to give access via API to the Metrics.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

im not sure if this is GA yet, and being managed, you are typically 2 weeks behind SaaS updates, but we have implemented management zones and API's where users get certain access. For example, Synthetics, we grant the users API access to create, edit and delete Synthetics as they see fit, without giving them total permissions in the UI.


Please let me know when it is possible, many thanks!

Hi Chad, I see there is now the possibility to activate "Enable personal access tokens", but what i would need is to create token that have only access to a specific Management Zone.

When I activate the Option, it is written "Allow every user to create personal access tokens – tokens based on user permissions. Existing personal access tokens won't be accepted when this option is disabled." -> what happens with the Tokens i created in the past as Admin (because i had no other possibility) and gave them to user for having access? If i would activate this, i have to communicate with every user that uses somewhere a token for scripts and so on - this is not realistic in my environment. 


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