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API Values not all accurate in Power Bi



I have used 3 dynatrace managed api's to get the attached data: The api's were brought into power bi and manipulated.

Api's used came from Host Logs & Timeseries (for the memory values)


1. The values in the data seems to be rounding off for consumed units
2. The values for the memory are inconsistent, some are 100% correct and some are not correct

I have played around with the decimal points on power bi to see if the numbers change but there is not much difference.

If anyone has been able to get the values 100% or knows of a reason why it is not adding up to 100% please help. Thank you.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Dynatrace will round up for the consumed host units so you cant effectively rework the consumed units for amount of memory:

I Have not been able to get an accurate count of memory and I know there was another request for this where they may have asked for a RFE for this.


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