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API to feed dashboard JSON data to external site

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I'm interested in sharing Dashboard data externally with stakeholders outside my company.  I'm aware of the ability to share an anonymous dashboard, but if I create my own SPA app to provide a web site my stakeholders can access to get service status health (up/down or red/yellow/green status), is the community aware of an API to pull the Dynatrace dashaboard data into the website?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Andrew 
I am not sure whether we can export the dashboard metrics via APIs to create a new dashboard itself. However, you can use powerups to export the metric data in the dashboard to an excel sheet and can be shared later or you can use the same to build charts of your own using Python libraries.



Or you can also use Power BI and add Dynatrace API as a data source to build such dashboards outside Dynatrace. 


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