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Access additional host metrics using infrastructure API


I'm using the Managed API to retrieve information about hosts and was wondering if this can be expanded?

As an example, i can retrieve CPU count, hostname, associated tags using a query like this;

osType: "WINDOWS",
osArchitecture: "X86",
osVersion: "Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, ver. 6.3.9600",
hypervisorType: "VMWARE",
bitness: "64bit",
cpuCores: 4,
logicalCpuCores: 4,
monitoringMode: "FULL_STACK",
{major: 1,
minor: 149,
revision: 213,
timestamp: "20180809-141631",
sourceRevision: ""
consumedHostUnits: 1,
userLevel: "SUPERUSER"

Can other host level stats also be included at this same level? The 2 specific ones i'm interested at Total Installed RAM Gb (12) and Uptime Days (57).

If not, is there an alternative way to get this info currently via the API?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

At this time I dont believe so. I know that others have requested that total Memory Count to be in the API, There also was a Custom tile that you could create that would list the up time of a server. We used that tile to determine if any servers we missed at the time of patch night as all servers get restarted. But that feature was removed with a cluster update about this time last year.

These are great enhancements and while they are not available today, you can place a RFE which will gain the attention of the developers and since others have asked this question as well, maybe they will start working on a solution and implement it in a future cluster update. 


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