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Can the data and metrics posted via "Custom devices and custom metrics API" be stiched with the data posted by One-Agents



We are new Dynatrace Customer and your Sales Team recommended us Dynatrace API to ingest data from some externally monitored nodes

We have following questions. Your Sales Team says they can't answer these questions and can't pull in product team, and that we need to post questions on this forum. Your immediate attention and help is requested.

-What data / metrics can be fed to the API can it be a time-series data or it has to be aggregated from the other tool ?

How frequently can we feed the data.. any guidelines for designing the Server infrastructure to support this ?

-Can the fed data be stiched together with the monitored data
from One-Agents / AppMon Agents deployed on our internal nodes (to show a complete User Experience & Transaction flow
graphics) ?

- In what Versions of Dynatrace Managed and AppMon is the API available ?

- Is there a demo or a trial site available for the Dynatrace API ?

Thanks and regards

Vivek Niwas


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Vivek,

I am reponsible for that API within Dynatrace and I am glad to answer all your questions about that custom metric custom device API.

The custom metric API is a relatively new feature that will be enhanced within the next releases. At this stage you can send in metric data that have a minute resolution. You can push more than one metric value within one minute and Dynatrace will keep a statistic counter in the background, which means that we provide you with min, max, avg and count for each aggregation. The metric itselve will be aggregated over time, 1 min resolution for the first 14days and then Dynatrace will aggregate your values to 5min, 30min and 1hour resolutions.

You can feed data values as frequent as you like only limited by our API throttling, which can be raised in case you have a larger demand.

The metrics can be charted within your Dynatrace dashboards. You will get a custom entity screen with default charts of your metrics and a Smartscape node for those entities.

Right now the OneAgent metrics are not merged with custom metrics within one entity screen, but that is on our roadmap.

Custom metric API is already public for the actual release of Dynatrace SaaS and Managed.

There is a GitHub repo dedicated to examples for our Dynatrace API, you find it here:

If you have further questions, we can set up a call to discuss your use-cases.

Best regards,




Q1.In latest release (or since which release) can we see the custom metrics and agent metrics within one screen?

Q2. Is the API throttling getting triggered based on source IP address among concurrent feed/fetch requests ?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


Q1: You cant see the metrics in one 'entity' screen but you can easily build a dashboard with custom charts that shows you all your custom metrics along with the host metrics on one screen.

Q2: No throttling is done on tenant level. So the limit always applies to all API clients of a tenant.

Best regards,


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Wolfgang B. is prediction functionality on the roadmap for custom metrics? Currently it seems prediction is not available to any type of custom metric (both Oneagent plugins and Dynatrace API), only to metrics provided by Oneagent itself.

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

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