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Can we get the Specific host health through Dynatrace API and how can we achieve it? Please provide suggestions. Thank you!


We are integrating jenkins and Dynatrace before deployment we want check health of the particular host for last 2hrs or 30 mins etc. How can we use Dynatrace API to achieve this?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You can fetch all host related metrics including availability timeseries through our Dynatrace timeseries API. See help page here:

we are getting timeseries of all the host for past 30mins or 2hrs. I want to confined to specific host only.

Yes. you can get the same.

  • Get the specific host entity ID from


  • Pass the entity ID to any timeseries metrics. Below one is for "host availability percent"

/api/v1/timeseries?api-token=token timeseriesId=com.dynatrace.builtin:host.availability.percent&relativeTime=month&queryMode=total&entity=<entityID>

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