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Change in "discoveredName" ?


Has "discoveredName" in the Host Topology REST API changed to "customizedName" as in the docs?

My Host API call is still getting "discoveredName" ?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

No the 'discoveredName' is still available within the API. The API does expose three different types of names: displayName, customizedName, discoveredName;

The displayName returns the name that is used by the Dynatrace UI for the host. The customizedName returns the user specified override. Additionally, we expose the discoveredName to show the name that the Dynatrace OneAgent automatically discovered for that host.

Most of the time these three names are the identical. If you customize your host name within the host settings, discoveredName and customizedName will be different.

Hi Wolfgang, thanks for the explanation, just noticed that in my Host API call. The documentation should really be reflecting these capabilities. It can get very confusing.

Does it take a restart of the host to change the discoveredName once the hostname has been changed on the host

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