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Compare Host and database configurations with Dynatrace


I do a lot of building, configuring and deployment of various types of linux servers (e.g. apache, websphere, oracle). I'd like to use Dynatrace to compare server configuration, including both the OS and application software version and configuration (e.g ini/xml/config type files) AND basic hardware (e.g. memory, #of processors, MP space)

I read a post stating this might be done with the timeseries API but i didn't see anything that would be helpful.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Dynatrace won't be able to provide you the complete details for the configuration such as full config files.

For extracting the data, you need to use the Monitored Entities API v2 By using This API you are able to view the metadata for your entities. 

If you need to go beyond that information, you will either need to enrich the information in Dynatrace for example by using your own OneAgent extension.

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