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Custom Metrics in Dynatrace SaaS/Managed


Hi All,

Can someone please let us know which measures or metrics are referred as custom metrics ? For example, Since we have Cross Product Integration in AppMon 2018 if we push few measures from AppMon to Dynatrace will it be calculated as custom measures.

We need this information as we see in dynatrace there is a limit imposed at license level on the number of custom metrics we can push to dynatrace.

Thank You



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello Sakthi,

Review the below link for the ‘Pushing AppMon monitoring data to Dynatrace dashboards’.

Here's a brief overview of the currently known limitations:

  • There is no capability to push or export historical data. Only real-time data push is supported.
  • A single metric can only be pushed to a specific Dynatrace environment, not to multiple environments.
  • Limit of 150 metrics per AppMon Server
  • Configuration is through the AppMon Client only.
  • Custom host measures can't be exported.

Also watch the below webinar for the Cross-product Integration with Dynatrace where you can find more answers to your questions.



Thanks Babar!

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Part of the custom metrics pricing model so far are:

- Customer defined metrics that are sent in through Dynatrace REST API

- Customer defined plugin metrics

- Customer defined JMX metric



Thanks Wolfgang! Will calculate how much custom metrics count are required for our environment.

I noticed one statement in the DT documentation that seems to state (erroneously) that JMX plugin metrics are not custom metrics... i.e. The documentation states:

All metrics that are detected and analyzed automatically following installation of OneAgent (including installation of OneAgent, ActiveGate, or JMX/PMI plugins), are considered to be built-in metrics.

This is stated on the following page...

I think this is the key phrase: "All metrics that are detected and analyzed automatically following installation of OneAgent ". Any metrics added after the install are counted...

It certainly is a confusing statement... the sentence goes on to say "are considered to be built-in metrics". I agree that your interpretation is likely what somebody intended to state, but, alas, they did not make the statement correctly.

I'm not sure what you mean. If you shorten it to "All metrics that are detected and analyzed automatically following installation of OneAgent are considered to be built-in metrics", it seems to make sense. If the metric is detected automatically (immediately) following installation, it is "built-in". If it is detected later after adding a plugin or pushing it into Dynatrace it is "custom".

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