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Dynatrace API-Get the details of the problem


When I use the Dynatrace API, I want to know the details of every problem,
For example, in a detailed information in a warning message,
However, there is no such parameter in the API of the official website.
How do I get this? Or how did the contents of the alarm email come from?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The Dynatrace API offers the /problems/details endpoint that allows you to fetch all of the correlated problems information in a machine readable form.

See the documentation here:

I have already known this document, but I don't have the attributes I need. I think that if it is shown in the problem, it should have the field, but it is not in the document.

what attribute is missing exactly? The text message is not part of the export but the values are part of the severity record. The textual message is a simple mapping of event types that are exposed within the API.

Ok, the property I want is a detailed description of the event type, like the content in the alarm message, how does he map it?

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