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Dynatrace API to capture Outage Details


Hi team,


We need to monitor our platform availability on a daily basis and summarize on all the problems that we get from the platform monitoring.


We are particularly interested in capturing all the details associated to an Outage.


We are seeking help from the following link:


However, we are unable to get the field mapping of the Outage information like " Script fail on Trigger Message "


Any help on the same is much appreciated.



Vinod Krishna


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Perhaps you want to look at the 3rd party integrations (push technology), rather than using the API (Pull technology). This all depends on what you're doing with the information and what works best in your environment. Even if youre not using a 'standard' 3rd party integration, such as ServiceNow, the WebHook integration is very flexible to integrate with just about anything.

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