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Dynatrace Manage Server stream data to external source like ELK.



In Appmon there's a documented way of streaming data to a timeseries datastore or ELK. I wonder if there's some way to do this using the new Dynatrace or refer me to any documentation?

We wanted to try streaming data on Dynatrace(not Appmon) to any timeseries database or ELK then present some insight with Grafana.

Thanks in advance


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

There is no such functionality at the moment. The only way to access the timeseries data is using REST API (pull it from Dynatrace). So if you are talking about Grafana, you could definitely write a data source plugin for the Dynatrace REST API, that would allow you to use timeseries data in Dynatrace in Grafana dashboards.

Do you have any particular use case that could be resolved with Grafana and cannot be accomplished with Dynatrace dashboarding capabilities itself?

BTW - there is streaming possibility in Dynatace, but for user session data only.

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Thanks Julius for your reply, i'll check the dyntrace rest api documentation. If you have some documentation and link that would be helpful.

Our use case is that we have multiple tools and metrics that provided different functionality for our application analytics and the last piece is to integrate APM data from dynatrace so we can provide a single view.

Hi Ricky. were you able to do something?

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

You should be able to install your own Kibana and configure it with the Elasticsearch running on nodes.

This will however contain only user sessions data and few others.

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