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Dynatrace UFO LEDS can they be dimmed?



We have the UFO set to use the SaaS API Integration link. Everything is ok except we would like to 'Dim' the LEDS. I know that you can control the setting via the API, but we are using the SaaS integration aspect and at the moment that appears to use default settings inbuilt. I don't think they are affected by the main REST api?

Would like to avoid rebuilding the firmware with new settings....any ideas?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The question is if you cannot just place somewhere some script to dimm leds. This setting should be preserved by UFO.


Regards, Sebastian


@Gary N. I think only a firmware adjustment would solve your request. I Would recommend trying to turn down the voltage to the UFO and that should dim the lights. I'm not sure though how it will affect the functionality of the device but its worth a try and would be the easiest option.

Dynatrace Support recommends using a 2,000mA USB Charger, maybe use one that provides a bit less miliamp and see how it goes.

Less amp charger mamy be not enaugh to powie RaspBerry Pi that is inside

Regards, Sebastian

It will be enough power, but as stated, you do run the risk of the UFO acting weird and not working as expected. We had tested a power adapter that was of lower voltage, the lights were dimmer and we did not experience any abnormal behavior with the UFO.

A very low tech resolution would be to cut a narrow strip of white tissue paper and wrap it around the LEDs. This will help with the brightness of the device.

Ok then 🙂 I was not playing with UFO itsfelf but I’ve jadę few projekt using RaspBerryPi and according to my experience, błąd power supply may be problem for this platform. This is I’m awarie of using different power supply.


Regards, Sebastian

We had 4 plugged into the same power strip with a lower amp power block as we were setting them up so the voltage was drastically reduced and we noticed the lights were not as bright. But we didn't notice any negative affects with the functionality of the UFO other then the lights being dimmer then usual. Its worth a shot. 🙂

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