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Events API v2 Limits information


Hi All, 

  I'm considering using Dynatrace events ( as in Events API v2) for a plugin solution, however some of the payload information may end up being rather largish ( Approx. 50-100k).  I may also need a reasonable amount of properties to accompany each event (>10). 

  Whilst the API itself is pretty straightforward, I'm concerned that I might start bumping into limits that may make things unviable and push me in a different direction. 

  Does anyone know of a page somewhere that details the limits around V2 events so I can check it out?  The only limit I've been able to find so far is the max API payload size (1Mb).. but I'm guessing there's more.. 

  Or any other suggestions for figuring this out beyond just probing it from all angles?  Schema query perhaps somewhere? 


All suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

This is the doc that describes the access limits and throttling:

This applies to the API as a whole, not any specific endpoint.

Thanks James - appreciated.  If I'm not pushing my luck, do you know of anything that describes field limits?  Eg.  I can only have x properties, each of which can only be 1024 characters in length etc etc - that sort of thing? 


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