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Failure detection API - I can not see my rules defined by API in the UI




we have defined Failure detection parameter set and rules to add Exceptions to be ignored by a large set of Services, as described in the API documentation below


The parameter sets and rules are defined correctly according to the API responses, and we can verify them by the GET methods.


However, they do NOT show up in the UI for the services matching the rules.  Also, vice versa, the rules defined in the UI are not shown in any of the parameter set.


So, my question; Are the Failure detection rules provided by the API independant of the settings done in the UI?   I checked with Online Chat but they were not sure and will check with developers.  


Any of you using the Failure Detection API for Services; do you see your defined rules in the UI?



I got an update from support; the rules created by the Failure Detection API is NOT seen in the UI.

You need to use the API to view them using the GET methods.  A bit annoying and I hope they fix this later so rules created by API is shown in UI as well.

Hi @holst, how this issue you've faced had gone eventually? Have you found some solution, temporary or final?

@Michal_Gebacki  at the moment this is still API only. Unfortunately no visibility of the rules in the UI at all.

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Hi @Julius_Loman ,

So if we set a rule from the API how can we validate that its on?

And if there is a setting from the UI and API which one will work?

Thanks in advance


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