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Feasibility check > desired reporting from DBA team


Is it feasible to achieve the below use-case reporting in Dynatrace?

If it is feasible, which metrics we can use to get those field info? And what is the prerequisite setup in Dynatrace to collect the info?  Other concerns?

  • prerequisite means: e.g. do we need to define the app and enable DEM? Which we want to avoid due to license concerns.


Use case is:


DBA team intends to get analytical report from Dynatrace regarding following field info –

- Name of Pod/Namespace

- App team owner

- Database connection ID

- # of pods

- minimumIdle
- maximumPoolSize
- maxLifetime
- idleTimeout
- keepaliveTime
- connectionTestQuery 

- # of connections used by each pod to identify the optimizing opportunities


Background & Goal:

There are too many inactive sessions in the database coming from OpenShift and GKE. One action we've taken is to create a new app id with access controls app id for apps going to GKE.  If feasible, this analytical report will help to find the gap and optimization points.
Awareness: In the database, DBA team can name the app name and where the connection is coming from. Our challenge is that DBAs cannot determine who the app owners are or what their pod configurations are.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

some of this stuff is going to be centric to your organization and not really be auto discovered such as your app team owner. You should be able to get the bulk of this via the API Metric Explorer, its not going to get you everything you want but its a start that's for use. 


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