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How can I pull OneAgent versions at process level?


I'm new to dynatrace. I tried to pull using api. I used monitored entities in v2 for this. But I did not understand how to pull at the process level. Can anyone help?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If you want to get the version of the agent inside the process (code module) you need to query the PROCESS_GROUP_INSTANCE via the Entities v2 API.


It is listed there under installedVersion.


You can get the Process Group Instance ID via the entities API or direct from the URL in the GUI.

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Thanks for your answer it was really helpful. can I ask one more question?

I also want to get actualMonitoringState and expectedMonitoringState information, how can I add them

From here have you got those field names? I don't see them as part of a PGI.

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