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How to get Dynatrace Managed Cluster Token Automatically after installation?

I am trying to automate my deployment of Dynatrace Managed, and the Cluster API seems useful for most of the setup, but I'm having trouble automating getting a token to access the Cluster API.

The Cluster API has an endpoint to create new Tokens, but I need a Token to authorize and use that endpoint, so it's a circular dependency.

I noticed an "afterInstallation" token in the Cluster Management Console (CMC), is there any way I might be able to retrieve that token? My idea was to somehow grab the "afterInstallation" token right after installing dynatrace managed, but I don't know how.

I have ssh access to the nodes in the cluster and the admin username/password. The manual way would be to login to the CMC and go to Settings > API Tokens > Cluster tokens > Generate token.

Is there a way to generate or obtain a token via CLI that doesn't depend on already having a token?

(Question originally posted on: How to get Dynatrace Managed Cluster Token Automatically after installation? - Stack Overflow)




You can use this endpoint to create a new cluster token

For that, you need to generate an API token with ClusterTokenManagement permission, please check the below document.





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